Interface Name: javax.servlet.ServletContext

Superinterface: None

Immediate Subinterfaces: None

Implemented By: None

Availability: Servlet API 1.0 and later


The ServletContext interface defines a set of methods that can be used to communicate with the servlet container in a non-request-specific manner. This includes finding path information, accessing other servlets running on the server, and writing to the server log file. Each web application has a different servlet context.

Interface Declaration

public interface ServletContext { // Methods public abstract Object getAttribute(String name); public abstract Enumeration getAttributeNames(); // New in 2.1 public abstract ServletContext getContext(String uripath); // New in 2.1 public abstract String getInitParameter(String name); // New in 2.2 public abstract Enumeration getInitParameterNames(); // New in 2.2 public abstract int getMajorVersion(); // New in 2.1 public abstract String getMimeType(String file); public abstract int getMinorVersion(); // New in 2.1 public abstract RequestDispatcher getNamedDispatcher(String name); // New in 2.2 public abstract String getRealPath(String path); public abstract URL getResource(String path) // New in 2.1 throws MalformedURLException; public abstract InputStream getResourceAsStream(String path); // New in 2.1 public abstract String getServerInfo(); public abstract Servlet getServlet(String name) // Deprecated throws ServletException; public abstract Enumeration ...

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