Interface Name: javax.servlet.ServletRequest

Superinterface: None

Immediate Subinterfaces: javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest

Implemented By: None

Availability: Servlet API 1.0 and later


A ServletRequest object encapsulates information about a single client request, including request parameters, request attributes, client locales, and an input stream for reading binary data from the request body. ServletRequest can be subclassed to provide additional protocol-specific information. HttpServletRequest, for instance, includes methods to manipulate HTTP headers.

Interface Declaration

public interface ServletRequest { // Methods public abstract Object getAttribute(String name); public abstract Enumeration getAttributeNames(); // New in 2.1 public abstract String getCharacterEncoding(); // New in 2.0 public abstract int getContentLength(); public abstract String getContentType(); public abstract ServletInputStream getInputStream() throws IOException; public abstract Locale getLocale(); // New in 2.2 public abstract Enumeration getLocales(); // New in 2.2 public abstract String getParameter(String name); public abstract Enumeration getParameterNames(); public abstract String[] getParameterValues(String name); public abstract String getProtocol(); public abstract BufferedReader getReader() throws IOException;// New in 2.0 public abstract String getRealPath(String path); // Deprecated public abstract String getRemoteAddr(); public abstract String getRemoteHost(); ...

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