public abstract class ConnectionFactory {
// Public Constructors
    public ConnectionFactory(  ); 
// Public Class Methods
    public static ConnectionFactory newInstance(  ) throws JAXRException; 
// Public Instance Methods
    public abstract javax.xml.registry.Connection createConnection(  ) 
        throws JAXRException;               // L0
    public abstract FederatedConnection createFederatedConnection(Collection connections) 
        throws JAXRException;               // L0 (optional)
    public abstract Properties getProperties(  ) 
        throws JAXRException;               // L0
    public abstract void setProperties(Properties properties) 
        throws JAXRException;               // L0

The abstract ConnectionFactory class can be used to connect to JAXR registry providers. An instance of ConnectionFactory may be obtained by calling newInstance( ) method, which uses a four-step process to locate a suitable concrete implementation class, as follows:

  1. Looks in the system properties for a property called javax.xml.registry.ConnectionFactoryClass. If this property is defined, its value is assumed to be the class name of a concrete implementation of ConnectionFactory.

  2. Looks for the same property in a file called ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/ If the property is found, its value is assumed to be the required class name.

  3. Looks for a resource called META-INF/services/javax.xml.registry.ConnectionFactoryClass in the classpath. If such a resource exists, it is opened and a single line is read from it. If the line is not empty, it is used as the required class name. ...

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