Chapter 11

More about Layout Panes for Precise Scene Design

In This Chapter

arrow Using four more layout panes to create spectacular layouts

arrow Introducing rectangle shapes

arrow Adding scroll bars to a layout

arrow Creating two complete programs

In Chapter 5, you can read about how to work with four basic layout pane classes that let you control the arrangement of controls in a scene: HBox, which arranges nodes horizontally; VBox, which arranges nodes vertically; FlowPane, which arranges nodes both horizontally and vertically; and BorderPane, which divides the scene into five regions: Top, Right, Bottom, Left, and Center.

In this chapter, you discover four additional layout panes that give you additional ways to arrange the elements in a scene. Specifically, you discover how to use the following five layout pane classes:

  • StackPane: The StackPane class is a bit different than the other layout panes in that it doesn’t visually separate nodes from one another. Instead, it displays nodes directly on top of each other. For example, if you add a rectangle shape and a text shape to a stack pane, the text ...

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