Part I. Programming with JavaScript

Programming with JavaScript

In this part ...

You enter the world of JavaScript programming. The kind of programming you learn in this part is suitable for any kind of language. You'll be able to translate these ideas to any major language without difficulty. Of course, the examples and emphasis are in JavaScript.

Chapter 1 helps you gather your tools. Most of the tools you need for professional JavaScript program[DR1] are completely free. Learn what you need in terms of editors, browsers, and plugins.

Chapter 2 gets you started in JavaScript. You'll store data in variables, work with text data, and do some basic input and output.

Chapter 3 takes you into the wonderful world of decision making. You'll learn how to generate random numbers and then use them to experiment with several decision-making mechanisms. Your programs will make decisions like the best of them.

Chapter 4 introduces the powerful idea of loops. Your programs will be able to repeat as many times as you want, and will stop on a dime. Loops can also cause difficult-to-spot logic problems, so this chapter also describes a number of debugging techniques.

Chapter 5 helps you build more powerful programs by combining elements. You can combine variables to make arrays, and you can combine statements to make functions. You also learn how to combine both instructions and data to make objects, including the powerful JSON ...

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