How to do it...

  1. Create the project from the following template:
$ sls create --template-url --path cncb-cdn-site
  1. Navigate to the cncb-cdn-site directory with cd cncb-cdn-site.
  2. Review the file named serverless.yml with the following content:
service: cncb-cdn-siteprovider:  name: awsplugins:  - serverless-spa-deploy  - serverless-spa-configcustom:  spa:    files:      - source: ./dist        globs: '**/*'        headers:          CacheControl: max-age=31536000 # 1 year    redirect: true  dns:    hostedZoneId:  Z1234567890123    domainName:    endpoint: www.${self:custom.dns.domainName}
  1. Update the serverless.yml file with your hostedZoneId and domainName.
  2. Install the dependencies with npm install ...

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