Operators and Conditional Statements

You have to pay close attention to the operators in JavaScript and VBScript. Some are the same, and some are different. Critical differences can be found in the use of the assignment variable (=) in both assignment statements and conditional statements. Table 15.1 shows the operators used in VBScript.

Table 15.1. VBScript Operators
Operator Use Format Example
= Assignment inven=832
+ Addition total=item+tax+shipping
Subtraction discount=regPrice-salePrice
* Multiplication itemTotal=item * units
/ Division distrib=all/part
\ Integer division hack=433.33\32
Mod Modulus leftOvr = 87 Mod 6
u Exponentiation cube = side ^ 3
& Concatenation FullName = “Java” & “Script”
= Equal to if alpha = beta Then ….
<> Not ...

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