A Little Java

At this point, you will need a Java applet to see the role of JavaScript. You can find plenty of free Java applets on the web. For example, java.sun.com has lots of free applets. (Hint: Click on Applets, Freebie Applets). However, if you’d like to try a little Java yourself, follow this path:

						Java.sun.com > Java Tutorial > Your First Cup of Java Win32|UNIX|Mac 

Be sure to click on Win32, UNIX, or Mac instead of the general Your First Cup of Java link. Download the Java 2 Platform, Standard edition, and the Developer’s Kit (all free!). When you have gone through the tutorial, try out the following Java applet. First, write the source code in a text editor (such as Notepad or SimpleText). Save the file as tooEZ.java. Note the different ...

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