Chapter 8. Scripting CSS

Booming by a hilly golf course in a new pair of lime green Nike Lunar Elites, I observed some deer running through the deep snow that a blizzard referred to as "Snowmageddon" had dumped on Pittsburgh. Though I love to run in fresh powder, 3 feet could be too much. But the deer did just fine. Besides, in those lime green shoes, I felt invincible. So, off the road and into the snow I went.

Probably ten minutes later, my heart thumping forcefully enough to burst, I glanced down at my run timer. Ugh. Still 70 minutes left. I was going to drop dead before it beeps, I thought. So, after cresting the highest hilltop, raising my fists, and rasping "Drago!" a few times, I turned tail and made for the road to finish my run.

But midway ...

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