JavaScript for Beginners: Get to Grips with Fundamental JavaScript Concepts

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Learn the basics of JavaScript with code examples; JavaScript is key to making web page content dynamic and interactive

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  • Explore fundamental JavaScript concepts with easy-to-adapt examples
  • Build your own website using JavaScript to make your web pages interactive

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JavaScript is easy to get started with; if you have ever wanted to learn JavaScript, then this is the course for you.
You will be amazed at how much JavaScript can do and how easily you can make things happen using JavaScript. Please note that previous web experience is required for this course. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will be extremely helpful. The scope of this course involves introducing students to the basic core concepts of JavaScript.
JavaScript is a scripting language used everywhere across the web. It is used to enhance HTML web pages and works within HTML files. JavaScript is also an interpreted language, so it doesn't need to be compiled: all you need is a browser to run the code. JavaScript enhances web pages with interactive and dynamic capabilities.

This course covers all of the core concepts involved in coding with java script:-

  • JavaScript syntax
  • How to add JavaScript to your HTML pages
  • Data types and how they work
  • Using variables as containers of information
  • How to use operators to create scripts
  • Use conditional statements to apply logic to your application
  • Use do and while loops to reiterate code blocks and save time
  • How to use functions to execute blocks of code

Practicality is the basis of this course, Using JavaScript's code, you can explore the content in an infinite number of ways.

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  • Title: JavaScript for Beginners: Get to Grips with Fundamental JavaScript Concepts
  • Author(s): Laurence Svekis
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789809558