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JavaScript Frameworks

Video Description

Want the inside scoop on new JavaScript frameworks such as Bootstrap.js and Backbone.js? With this video package, you’ll get a front-row seat to 2012 Fluent Conference workshops and sessions that zero in on their capabilities. Quickly make sense of this vast JavaScript explosion. You’ll learn new skills you can apply immediately.

Workshops and sessions include:

  • Backbone.js - Basics and Beyond
  • Bridging the Client-side/Server-side Divide
  • A Deeper Look at the Enyo JavaScript Framework
  • Bootstrap.js
  • Derby: The full-stack framework
  • Meteor: A New Way to Build Apps
  • SpineJS: Moving State to the Client
  • You Don't Need a Framework for that!
  • Introducing Strata: A Modular, Streaming HTTP Server for node.js
  • Ember.js: An MVC Framework for Ambitious Web Applications