The Mega App model and API

The Mega App model contains only one JavaScript object that represents the voice and photo memo data, as shown in the following code snippet:

var MemoItem = function(memoItem) { = || "Memo_" + (new Date()).getTime();
    this.title = memoItem.title || "";
    this.desc = memoItem.desc || "";
    this.type = memoItem.type || "voice";
    this.location = memoItem.location || "";
    this.mtime = memoItem.mtime || "";

The MemoItem object contains the following attributes:

  • id: This represents the memo ID (its default value is unique as it includes a numeric value of the current time in milliseconds)
  • title: This represents the memo title
  • desc: This represents the memo description
  • type: This represents the memo type, and it can ...

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