Document — represents an HTML document


JavaScript 1.0; enhanced in JavaScript 1.1, Netscape 4, and IE 4

Inherits from/Overrides

Inherits from HTMLElement




Document inherits properties from HTMLElement and defines the following properties. Netscape and Internet Explorer both define a number of incompatible Document properties that are used mostly for DHTML; they are listed separately after these properties.


alinkColor is a string property that specifies the color of activated links in document. Browsers may display this color between the times that the user presses and releases the mouse button over the link. The alink attribute of the <body> HTML tag specifies the initial value of this property. This property may be set, but only in the <head> of the document. See also the color properties of HTMLBodyElement in the DOM reference section.


An array of Anchor objects, one for each anchor that appears in document. An anchor is a named position within the document that can serve as the target of a hypertext link. The anchors[] array has anchors.length elements, numbered from zero to anchors.length-1. Do not confuse anchors with hypertext links, which are represented in JavaScript by the Link objects in the Document.links[] array.

Prior to JavaScript 1.2, the Anchor object was unimplemented, and the elements of anchors[] were all null.

applets[] [ JavaScript 1.1]

An array of Applet objects, one for ...

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