Input — an input element in an HTML form


JavaScript 1.0; enhanced in JavaScript 1.1

Inherits from/Overrides

Inherits from HTMLElement




Input inherits properties from HTMLElement and defines or overrides the following:


A read/write boolean that specifies whether a Checkbox or Radio form element is currently checked. You can set the state of these button elements by setting the value of this property. This property is not used by other form elements.


A read-only boolean value that specifies whether a Checkbox or Radio element is checked by default. This property is used to restore the Checkbox or Radio element to its default value when the form is reset and has no meaning for other form elements. defaultChecked corresponds to the checked attribute in the HTML <input> tag that created the form element. If checked was present, defaultChecked is true. Otherwise, defaultChecked is false.


Specifies the initial text that appears in the form element and the value that is restored to that element when the form is reset. This property is used only by the Text, Textarea, and Password elements. For security reasons, it is not used by the FileUpload element. For Checkbox and Radio elements, the equivalent property is defaultChecked.


A read-only reference to the Form object that contains the element. The form property allows the event handlers of one form element to easily refer to sibling ...

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