JavaPackage — JavaScript representation of a Java package


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                  package.package_name // Refers to another JavaPackage
package.class_name // Refers to a JavaClass object


The properties of a JavaPackage object are the names of the JavaPackage objects and JavaClass objects that it contains. These properties are different for each individual JavaPackage. Note that it is not possible to use the JavaScript for/in loop to iterate over the list of property names of a Package object. Consult a Java reference manual to determine the packages and classes contained within any given package.


The JavaPackage object is a JavaScript representation of a Java package. A package in Java is a collection of related classes. In JavaScript, a JavaPackage can contain classes (represented by the JavaClass object) and other JavaPackage objects.

The Window object has properties java, netscape, and sun that represent the java.*, netscape.*, and sun.* package hierarchies. These JavaPackage objects define properties that refer to other JavaPackage objects. For example, java.lang and refer to the java.lang and packages. The java.awt JavaPackage contains properties named Frame and Button, which are both references to JavaClass objects and represent the classes java.awt.Frame and java.awt.Button.

The Window object also defines a property named Packages, which is the root JavaPackage whose properties refer to the roots of all known ...

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