CSSValue — the value of a CSS style attribute


DOM Level 2 CSS


CSSPrimitiveValue, CSSValueList


The following constants specify the valid values for the cssValueType property:

unsigned short CSS_INHERIT = 0

This constant represents the special value “inherit”, which means that the actual value of the CSS style attribute is inherited. The cssText property is “inherit” in this case.

unsigned short CSS_PRIMITIVE_VALUE = 1

The value is a primitive value. This CSSValue object also implements the more specific CSSPrimitiveValue subinterface.

unsigned short CSS_VALUE_LIST = 2

The value is a compound value consisting of a list of values. This CSSValue object also implements the more specific CSSValueList subinterface and behaves as an array of CSSValue objects.

unsigned short CSS_CUSTOM = 3

This constant is defined to allow extensions to the CSS object model. It specifies that this CSSValue represents a value of some type that is not defined by the CSS or DOM standards. If you are working with an implementation that supports such extensions, the CSSValue object may also implement some other interface (such as the SVGColor interface defined by the Scalable Vector Graphics standard) that you can use.


String cssText

The textual representation of the value. Setting this property may throw a DOMException. A code of SYNTAX_ERR indicates that the new value does not follow legal CSS syntax. A code of INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR specifies that you ...

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