DOMException — signals exceptions or errors for core DOM objects


DOM Level 1 Core


The following constants define the legal values for the code property of a DOMException object. Note that these constants are static properties of DOMException, not properties of individual exception objects.

unsigned short INDEX_SIZE_ERR = 1

Indicates an out-of-bounds error for an array or string index.

unsigned short DOMSTRING_SIZE_ERR = 2

Indicates that a requested text is too big to fit into a string in the current JavaScript implementation.

unsigned short HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR = 3

Indicates that an attempt was made to place a node somewhere illegal in the document tree hierarchy.

unsigned short WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR = 4

Indicates an attempt to use a node with a document that is different from the document that created the node.

unsigned short INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR = 5

Indicates that an illegal character is used (in an element name, for example).

unsigned short NO_DATA_ALLOWED_ERR = 6

Not currently used.


Indicates that an attempt was made to modify a node that is read-only and does not allow modifications. Entity, EntityReference, and Notation nodes, and all of their descendants, are read-only.

unsigned short NOT_FOUND_ERR = 8

Indicates that a node was not found where it was expected.

unsigned short NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR = 9

Indicates that a method or property is not supported in the current DOM implementation.

unsigned ...

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