HTMLTextAreaElement — a <textarea> element in an HTML form DOM Level 1 HTML


Inherits from/Overrides

Node Element HTMLElement HTMLTextAreaElement


String accessKey

A keyboard shortcut (a single character) that the web browser can use to transfer keyboard focus to this element. Mirrors the accesskey attribute.

long cols

The width of this element in character columns. Mirrors the cols attribute.

String defaultValue

The initial content of the text area. When the form is reset, the text area is restored to this value. Setting this property changes the displayed text in the text area.

boolean disabled

If true, this element is disabled and the user cannot interact with it. Mirrors the disabled attribute.

readonly HTMLFormElement form

The HTMLFormElement that represents the <form> element containing this text area, or null if this element is not inside a form.

String name

The name of this <textarea> element, as specified by the name attribute.

boolean readOnly

If true, this element is read-only and the user cannot edit any of the displayed text. Mirrors the readonly attribute.

long rows

The height of the text area in text rows. Mirrors the rows attribute.

long tabIndex

The position of this element in the tabbing order. Mirrors the tabindex attribute.

readonly String type

The type of this element, for compatibility with HTMLInputElement objects. This property always has the value “textarea”.

String value

The text currently displayed in ...

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