Document: an HTML or XML document — DOM Level 1 Core: Node → Document




readonly Window defaultView

The web browser Window object (the “view” in DOM terminology) in which this document is displayed.

readonly DocumentType doctype

For XML documents with a <!DOCTYPE< declaration, specifies a DocumentType node that represents the document’s DTD. For HTML documents and for XML documents with no <!DOCTYPE>, this property is null.

readonly Element documentElement

A reference to the root element of the document. For HTML documents, this property is always the Element object representing the <html> tag. This root element is also available through the childNodes[] array inherited from Node. See also the body property of HTMLDocument.

readonly DOMImplementation implementation

The DOMImplementation object that represents the implementation that created this document.

readonly CSSStyleSheet[] styleSheets

A collection of objects representing all stylesheets embedded in or linked into a document. In HTML documents, this includes stylesheets defined with <link> and <style> tags.


addEventListener( )

Adds an event-handler function to the set of event handlers for this document. This is a DOM-standard method supported by all modern browsers except IE.

attachEvent( )

Adds an event-handler function to the set of handlers for this document. This is the IE-specific alternative to addEventListener( ).

createAttribute( )

Creates a new Attr node with the specified ...

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