DOMImplementation.hasFeature( ): determine whether the implementation supports a feature — DOM Level 1 Core:


boolean hasFeature(Stringfeature,
                   String version);



The name of the feature for which support is being tested. The set of valid feature names for the DOM Level 2 standard is listed in the table in the Description. Feature names are case-insensitive.


The feature version number for which support is being tested, or null or the empty string "" if support for any version of the feature is sufficient. In the Level 2 DOM specification, supported version numbers are 1.0 and 2.0.


true if the implementation completely supports the specified version of the specified feature; false otherwise. If no version number is specified, the method returns true if the implementation completely supports any version of the specified feature.


The W3C DOM standard is modular, and implementations are not required to implement all modules or features of the standard. This method tests whether a DOM implementation supports a named module of the DOM specification. The availability information for each entry in this DOM reference includes the name of the module. Note that although Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5 include partial support for the DOM Level 1 specification, this important method is not supported before IE 6.

The complete set of module names that may be used as the feature argument are shown in the following table:




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