HTMLDocument: the root of an HTML document tree — DOM Level 0: Node → Document → HTMLDocument


Element[] all [IE 4]

This nonstandard property is an array-like object that provides access to all HTMLElements in the document. The all[] array originated in IE4, and although it has been superseded by methods such as Document.getElementById( ) and Document.getElementsByTagName( ), it is still used in deployed code. See HTMLDocument.all[] for further details.

readonly HTMLCollection anchors

An array (HTMLCollection) of all Anchor objects in the document.

readonly HTMLCollection applets

An array (HTMLCollection) of all Applet objects in a document.

HTMLElement body

A convenience property that refers to the HTMLElement that represents the <body> tag of this document. For documents that define framesets, this property refers to the outermost <frameset> tag instead.

String cookie

Allows cookies to be queried and set for this document. See HTMLDocument.cookie for details.

String domain

The domain name of the server from which the document was loaded, or null if there is none. This property can also be used to ease the same-origin security policy in specific circumstances. See HTMLDocument.domain for details.

readonly HTMLCollection forms

An array (HTMLCollection) of all Form objects in the document.

readonly HTMLCollection images

An array (HTMLCollection) of Image objects in the document. Note that for compatibility with the Level 0 DOM, images defined with an <object> tag instead ...

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