APPENDIXFantastic Features and Where to Find Them

(With apologies to J.K. Rowling)


__defineGetter__ (Annex B): Chapter 17

__defineSetter__ (Annex B): Chapter 17

__lookupGetter__ (Annex B): Chapter 17

__lookupSetter__ (Annex B): Chapter 17

__proto__ (Annex B): Chapter 5

: see iterable spread syntax, property spread syntax, rest parameters, rest syntax, rest syntax (destructuring), spread syntax

**: see exponentiation operator

#: see private fields (classes), private methods and accessors (classes), private static methods and accessors (classes)

array destructuring: Chapter 7

array iteration: Chapter 6

Array.from: Chapter 11

Array.of: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.copyWithin: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.entries: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.fill: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.find: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.findIndex: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.flat: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.flatMap: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.includes: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.keys: Chapter 11

Array.prototype.values: Chapter 11

ArrayBuffer: Chapter 11

arrow functions: Chapter 3

async: Chapter 9

async functions: Chapter 9

asynchronous generators: Chapter 9

asynchronous iterators: Chapter 9

Atomics object: Chapter 16

Atomics.asyncWait: Chapter 19

await: Chapter 9

await at top level: Chapter 19

BigInt: Chapter 17

binary integer literals: Chapter 17

block scope: Chapter 2

class: Chapter 4

cleanup callbacks: Chapter 19

computed method names: Chapter 4, Chapter ...

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