Engine Layer Source Code

The engine layer classes include implementations for the two parsers (one for metadata file, and the other for the customer data file), as well as an API for extracting customer records from the ASCII file. This API is used by the ClientAPIImpl class in the access layer. Listings 17.7 and 17.8 contain the code for the API and its implementation.

Listing 17.7. CustomerDataServiceAPI.java
 /** * Title: ASCII File Adapter<p> * Description: This package contains all non-JCA classes of the * ASCII file adapter.<p> * Copyright: Copyright (c) Atul Apte<p> * Company: iConexio Technologies Inc.<p> * @author Atul Apte * @version 1.0 */ package com.iconexio.asciiFileAdapter; // The customerDataServiceAPI interface defines the methods ...

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