Shared Service Layer Source Code

The source code in this layer contains all data objects (customer and metadata), as well as the log manager. Listings 17.18 to 17.21 contain source code for the data objects, and Listings 17.22 to 17.28 contain the log manager-related source code.

Listing 17.18.
 /** * Title: ASCII File Adapter<p> * Description: This package contains all non-JCA classes of the * ASCII file adapter.<p> * Copyright: Copyright (c) Atul Apte<p> * Company: iConexio Technologies Inc.<p> * @author Atul Apte * @version 1.0 */ package com.iconexio.asciiFileAdapter; // Objects of CustomerRec class hold the parsed customer data information // Each customer record has a unique ID. There can be more than one record // with ...

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