Test Harness

Every adapter must have a test harness capable of testing the adapter classes in a non-JCA environment. This simplifies the unit testing of the adapter classes. Listing 17.29 contains a test harness for the ASCII file adapter.

Listing 17.29. testHarness.java
 /** * Title: ASCII File Adapter<p> * Description: This package contains all non-JCA classes of the * ASCII file adapter.<p> * Copyright: Copyright (c) Atul Apte<p> * Company: iConexio Technologies Inc.<p> * @author Atul Apte * @version 1.0 */ package com.iconexio.asciiFileAdapter; /** * The test harness is a standalone Java program that uses the ASCII file * parser classes to parse the customer data file and display the contents * to the standard output. */ import java.util.Vector; ...

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