7. Library Puzzlers

The puzzles in this chapter concern basic library-related topics, such as Object methods, collections, Date, and Calendar.

Puzzle 56: Big Problem

As a warm-up, test your knowledge of BigInteger. What does this program print?

import java.math.BigInteger;public class BigProblem {    public static void main(String[ ] args) {        BigInteger fiveThousand  = new BigInteger("5000");        BigInteger fiftyThousand = new BigInteger("50000");        BigInteger fiveHundredThousand                                 = new BigInteger("500000");        BigInteger total = BigInteger.ZERO;        total.add(fiveThousand);        total.add(fiftyThousand);        total.add(fiveHundredThousand);        System.out.println(total);    }}

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