Setting up a server group

In this section we'll start doing some configurations in EAP6. As we know, there are two server groups already set up for us in JBoss EAP6:

  • main-server-group
  • other-server-group

And in Chapter 2, Using JBoss EAP6, we have played with main-server-group. In this chapter we'll use other-server-group.

The main-server-group versus other-server-group

The major difference is that they are using two different profiles. You can see this in domain.xml:

<server-group name="main-server-group" profile="full">...
<server-group name="other-server-group" profile="full-ha">...

As shown in the preceding configuration, we don't define different profiles into different configuration files in the domain mode. Instead it's defined in different profile ...

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