11 Jim's Training

Jim's Training is very unique, in that prospects attend it before signing a franchise agreement. As Mike Davenport, the current training manager, explained,

Most franchises say, ‘Great that you want to purchase. Pay me and then do our training course'. But we flip it on its head. We say, ‘Come and do the course first and then sign the agreement if you wish to go ahead'. So there's a lot of pressure on presenters to do a great job.

It is a part of Jim's transparent sales process that began when he first started his franchise. Today at training, attendees receive a thick, heavy manual with everything they need to know about running a home-service business, plus they are walked through every aspect of the business by professional, engaging presenters. Attendees only sign to join Jim's after being taught everything they need to know, ‘so they can take our manuals and go set up their own business', Mike said.

Silvia Valeri, a staff member since June 2009, shared a similar sentiment.

The Jim's Group is very open. Part of my job is having people in and discussing how Jim's works, how we franchise, how we bring regions on, how we bring divisions on, how we bring franchisees on, et cetera. We are very happy to share. If you can go replicate what we have done, go for it. We've been around for twenty-nine years.

Training's early days

In the beginning there was no formal training at all, just a few days in the field with a successful franchisee. Later, Jim set up a course ...

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