19 It's All About Character

In 2012, after continually developing his theory for forty-one years, it was time for Jim to start the mammoth task of writing his theory in an academic book. In January of that year Jim hired his son Andrew to do research and be a technical assistant for the project. Jim, meanwhile, set aside time each day to write.

Jim is very grateful for Andrew's interest:

I used to be terrified that if I died all my research would go to nothing. So when Andrew became interested it was wonderful, a miracle. He's very bright and dedicated. We have our disagreements, but he's amazing. It's one of my greatest blessings, having a son like him.

After two years of labour the manuscript was complete. Andrew suggested calling the theory ‘Biohistory', which became the book's title. It is 622 pages long with extensive footnotes, appropriate for an academic audience but not the general public, who wouldn't want to read quite that much detail. So, a year later, a shorter, more accessible version was finished. They gave it the title Biohistory: Decline and fall of the West, since one of its key conclusions is that Western civilisation, like Ancient Rome, will inevitably decline unless a better understanding of the neurophysiological basis of social change can stop it.

Both versions of Biohistory were published in March 2015, and are currently available on Amazon and from the website www.biohistory.org.

Andrew said the book,

In its broad outline, gives a sophisticated reason ...

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