Using FastDev for plugin development

We have seen how to use atlas-cli to reload a plugin without having to restart atlas-run. It is a pretty good way to save time, but Atlassian have walked the extra mile to develop a plugin named FastDev, which can be used to reload plugin changes, during development, to all Atlassian applications, including JIRA. And that from the browser itself!

Getting ready

Create a plugin and use atlas-run to run the plugin as in the aforementioned recipe. Let us assume we are doing it on the plugin we created in the previous recipe, the one with the sample web-item.

Make sure FastDev is enabled in the maven-jira-plugin configuration in the pom.xml, as shown here:

<plugin> <groupId>com.atlassian.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-jira-plugin</artifactId> ...

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