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JIRA Essentials - Third Edition

Book Description

Use the features of JIRA to manage projects and effectively handle bugs and software issues

In Detail

Atlassian JIRA is an enterprise issue tracker system. One of its key strengths is its ability to adapt to the needs of the organization, ranging from building Atlassian application interfaces to providing a platform for add-ons to extend JIRA's capabilities.

JIRA Essentials, Third Edition provides a comprehensive explanation covering all major features of Atlassian JIRA, broken down and organized in logical order. The book starts by showing you how to set up your own JIRA instance before introducing you to key features and concepts such as business processes, workflows, e-mails, and notifications. This book will show you how to develop software more efficiently by planning, designing, and customizing your own JIRA implementation. At the end of each chapter, you will have the opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice by following a step-by-step, hands-on project that you will build throughout the book.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the JIRA architecture and essential components that help you prepare for deployments
  • Understand JIRA from both an end users and administrator's perspective
  • Design and implement custom forms to capture information with custom fields, screens, and validation rules
  • Create and design custom workflows with complex validation logic and business rules
  • Secure JIRA data from unauthorized access
  • Notify users with updates using automated e-mail rules
  • Search, report on, and analyze your project progress
  • Manage and run projects with Agile methodologies

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Table of Contents

  1. JIRA Essentials Third Edition
    1. Table of Contents
    2. JIRA Essentials Third Edition
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. www.PacktPub.com
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    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Downloading the color images of this book
        2. Errata
        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    8. 1. Getting Started with JIRA
      1. The JIRA architecture
        1. High-level architecture
          1. Web browsers
          2. Application services
          3. Data storage
        2. The JIRA installation directory
        3. The JIRA home directory
      2. System requirements
        1. Hardware requirements
        2. Software requirements
          1. Operating systems
          2. Java platforms
          3. Databases
          4. Application servers
      3. Installation options
      4. Installing and configuring JIRA
        1. Installing Java
        2. Installing MySQL
        3. Preparing MySQL for JIRA
        4. Installing JIRA
          1. Obtaining and installing JIRA
          2. Installing MySQL driver
          3. The JIRA setup wizard
          4. Starting and stopping JIRA
      5. Post-installation configurations
        1. Increasing JIRA's memory
        2. Changing JIRA's port number and context path
        3. Configuring HTTPS
      6. Summary
    9. 2. Project Management
      1. The JIRA hierarchy
        1. Project category
        2. Project
        3. Issue
        4. Field
      2. Project permissions
      3. Creating projects
        1. Changing the project key format
      4. Importing data into JIRA
        1. Importing data through CSV
      5. Project user interfaces
      6. Project Browser
        1. The Summary tab
        2. The Issues tab
        3. The Road Map tab
        4. The Change Log tab
        5. The Versions and Components tab
        6. The Source and Reviews tab
      7. Project Administration
        1. The Summary tab
        2. The Components tab
          1. Creating components
          2. Managing components
          3. Component lead and default assignee
        3. The Versions tab
          1. Creating versions
          2. Managing versions
        4. Other tabs
      8. The Help Desk project
        1. Creating a new project category
        2. Creating a new project
        3. Assigning a project to a category
        4. Creating new components
        5. Putting it together
      9. Summary
    10. 3. Issue Management
      1. Understanding issues
      2. JIRA issue summary
      3. Working with issues
        1. Creating an issue
        2. Editing an issue
        3. Deleting an issue
        4. Moving an issue between projects
        5. Casting a vote on an issue
        6. Receiving notifications on an issue
        7. Assigning issues to users
        8. Sharing issues with other users
      4. Issue linking
        1. Enabling issue linking
        2. Creating link types
        3. Linking issues with other issues
        4. Linking issues with remote contents
      5. Issue cloning
      6. Time tracking
        1. Configuring time tracking
        2. Specifying original estimates
        3. Logging work
      7. Issues and comments
        1. Adding comments
        2. Managing your comments
        3. Permalinking a comment
      8. Attachments
        1. Enabling attachments in JIRA
        2. Attaching files
        3. Attaching screenshots
      9. Issue types and subtasks
        1. Creating issue types
        2. Deleting issue types
        3. Subtasks
          1. Enabling subtasks
          2. Creating subtasks
          3. Issue type schemes
            1. Creating issue type schemes
      10. Issue priorities
      11. The help desk project
        1. Adding new issue types
        2. Creating an issue type scheme
        3. Putting it together
      12. Summary
    11. 4. Field Management
      1. Built-in fields
      2. Custom fields
        1. Custom field types
          1. Standard fields
          2. Advanced fields
        2. Searchers
        3. Custom field context
        4. Managing custom fields
          1. Adding a custom field
          2. Editing/deleting a custom field
        5. Configuring a custom field
          1. Adding custom field contexts
          2. Configuring select options
          3. Setting default values
      3. Field configuration
        1. Adding a field configuration
        2. Editing/deleting a field configuration
        3. Copying a field configuration
        4. Managing field configurations
          1. Field description
          2. Field requirement
          3. Field visibility
          4. Field rendering
          5. Screens
      4. Field configuration scheme
        1. Managing field configuration schemes
          1. Adding a field configuration scheme
          2. Editing/deleting a field configuration scheme
          3. Copying a field configuration scheme
          4. Configuring a field configuration scheme
          5. Associating a field configuration scheme with a project
      5. The Help Desk project
        1. Setting up a custom field
        2. Setting up the field configuration
        3. Setting up a field configuration scheme
        4. Putting it together
      6. Summary
    12. 5. Screen Management
      1. JIRA and screens
      2. Working with screens
        1. Adding a new screen
        2. Editing/deleting a screen
        3. Copying a screen
        4. Configuring screens
          1. Adding a field to a screen
          2. Deleting a field from a screen
        5. Using screen tabs
          1. Adding a tab to a screen
          2. Editing/deleting a tab
      3. Working with screen schemes
        1. Adding a screen scheme
        2. Editing/deleting a screen scheme
        3. Copying a screen scheme
        4. Configuring a screen scheme
          1. Associating screens to issue operations
          2. Editing/deleting an association
      4. Issue type screen scheme
        1. Adding an issue type screen scheme
        2. Editing/deleting an issue type screen scheme
        3. Copying an issue type screen scheme
        4. Configuring an issue type screen scheme
          1. Associating issue types to screen schemes
          2. Editing/deleting an association
        5. Associating an issue type screen scheme with a project
      5. The Help Desk project
        1. Setting up screens
        2. Setting up screen schemes
        3. Setting up issue type screen schemes
        4. Putting it together
      6. Summary
    13. 6. Workflows and Business Processes
      1. Mapping business processes
      2. Understanding workflows
        1. Managing workflows
        2. Issue statuses
        3. Transitions
          1. Triggers
          2. Conditions
          3. Validators
          4. Post functions
        4. Using the workflow designer
        5. Authoring a workflow
          1. Adding a trigger to a transition
          2. Adding a condition to a transition
          3. Adding a validator to a transition
          4. Adding a post function to a transition
        6. Updating an existing workflow
      3. Workflow schemes
        1. Creating a workflow scheme
        2. Configuring a workflow scheme
          1. Assigning an issue type to a workflow
          2. Editing/deleting an association
        3. Activating a workflow scheme
      4. Extending workflow with workflow add-ons
        1. JIRA Suite Utilities
        2. JIRA Workflow Toolbox
        3. JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions
        4. Workflow Enhancer for JIRA
        5. Script Runner
      5. The Help Desk project
        1. Setting up workflows
        2. Setting up workflow schemes
        3. Putting it together
      6. Summary
    14. 7. E-mails and Notifications
      1. JIRA and e-mail
      2. Mail servers
      3. Working with outgoing mails
        1. Adding an outgoing mail server
          1. Disabling outgoing mail
          2. Enabling SMTP over SSL
        2. Sending a test e-mail
      4. Mail queues
        1. Viewing the mail queue
        2. Flushing the mail queue
      5. Manually sending e-mails
      6. Events
        1. Adding a mail template
        2. Adding a custom event
        3. Firing a custom event
      7. Notifications
      8. The notification scheme
        1. Adding a notification scheme
        2. Editing a notification scheme
        3. Deleting a notification scheme
        4. Copying a notification scheme
        5. Managing a notification scheme
          1. Adding a notification
          2. Deleting a notification
        6. Assigning a notification scheme
      9. Troubleshooting notifications
      10. Incoming e-mails
        1. Adding an incoming mail server
        2. Mail handlers
          1. Creating a new issue or adding a comment to an existing issue
          2. Adding a comment with the entire e-mail body
          3. Adding a comment from the non-quoted e-mail body
          4. Creating a new issue from each e-mail message
          5. Adding a comment before a specified marker or separator in the e-mail body
          6. Adding a mail handler
          7. Editing and deleting a mail handler
      11. The Help Desk project
        1. Setting up mail servers
        2. Setting up custom events
        3. Setting up a notification scheme
        4. Setting up notifications
        5. Putting it together
      12. Summary
    15. 8. Securing JIRA
      1. User directories
        1. Managing user directories
        2. Connecting to LDAP
      2. Users
        1. User Browser
        2. Adding a user
        3. Enabling public signup
        4. Enabling CAPTCHA
      3. Groups
        1. Group Browser
        2. Adding a group
        3. Editing group memberships
        4. Deleting a group
      4. Project roles
        1. Project Role Browser
        2. Adding a project role
        3. Editing a project role
        4. Deleting a project role
        5. Managing default members
        6. Assigning project role members
      5. JIRA permissions hierarchy
        1. Global permissions
          1. JIRA system administrator versus JIRA administrator
          2. Configuring global permissions
          3. Granting global permissions
          4. Revoking global permissions
        2. Project permissions
          1. Permission schemes
            1. Adding a permission scheme
            2. Editing a permission scheme
            3. Deleting a permission scheme
            4. Copying a permission scheme
            5. Configuring a permission scheme
            6. Granting a permission
            7. Revoking a permission
          2. Applying a permission scheme
        3. Issue security
          1. Issue security scheme
          2. Adding an issue security scheme
          3. Configuring an issue security scheme
            1. Adding a security level
            2. Assigning users to a security level
            3. Setting a default security level
            4. Deleting a security level
          4. Applying an issue security scheme
      6. Troubleshooting permissions
      7. Workflow security
      8. The Help Desk project
        1. Setting up groups
        2. Setting up user group association
        3. Setting up permission schemes
        4. Setting up permissions
        5. Putting it together
      9. Summary
    16. 9. Searching, Reporting, and Analysis
      1. Search interface and options in JIRA
        1. Issue navigator
        2. Basic search
        3. Advanced search with JQL
        4. Quick search
        5. Working with search results
          1. Switching result views
          2. Exporting search results
          3. Customizing the column layout
          4. Sharing search results
      2. Filters
        1. Creating a filter
        2. Managing filters
        3. Editing and sharing a filter
        4. Subscribing to a filter
        5. Deleting a filter
        6. Changing the ownership of a filter
      3. Reports
        1. Generating a report
        2. Dashboard
        3. Managing dashboards
        4. Creating a dashboard
        5. Editing and sharing a dashboard
        6. Deleting a dashboard
        7. Configuring a dashboard
          1. Setting a layout for the dashboard
        8. Gadgets
          1. Placing a gadget on the dashboard
          2. Moving a gadget
          3. Editing a gadget
          4. Deleting a gadget
      4. The Help Desk project
        1. Setting up filters
        2. Setting up dashboards
        3. Setting up gadgets
        4. Putting it together
      5. Summary
    17. 10. JIRA Service Desk
      1. Introducing JIRA Service Desk
        1. Installing JIRA Service Desk
        2. Getting started with JIRA Service Desk
        3. Creating a new service desk
          1. Branding your customer portal
      2. Service desk users
        1. Adding an agent to service desk
        2. Adding a customer to service desk
        3. Adding a collaborator to service desk
      3. Request types
        1. Setting up request types
        2. Organizing request types into groups
        3. Setting up fields
        4. Setting up workflow
      4. Service-level agreement
        1. Setting up an SLA
        2. Setting up custom calendars
      5. Queues
        1. Creating a new queue
      6. Creating knowledge base articles
      7. Summary
    18. 11. Advanced Features
      1. JIRA Agile
        1. Getting JIRA Agile
        2. Starting with JIRA Agile
        3. Working with boards
          1. Creating a new board
        4. Working with Scrum boards
          1. Working with epics
          2. Working with sprints
        5. Working with Kanban boards
          1. Setting up column constraints
          2. Releasing a version
        6. Setting JIRA Agile as the home page
      2. Issue collector
        1. Setting up an issue collector
        2. Embedding the issue collector
      3. Summary
    19. Index