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JMP 10 Basic Analysis and Graphing, Second Edition

Book Description

In JMP, you choose from a wide repertoire of interactive graphs to help your data best tell its story. Delve into JMP 10 Basic Analysis and Graphing to find the ideal graph for your data, from basic distributions, bubble plots, scatterplots, and parallel plots to geographic maps and tree maps.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Learn About JMP
    1. Book Conventions
    2. JMP Documentation
      1. JMP Documentation Suite
      2. JMP Help
      3. JMP Books by Users
      4. JMPer Cable
    3. Additional Resources for Learning JMP
      1. Tutorials
      2. The JMP Starter Window
      3. Sample Data Tables
      4. Learn about Statistical and JSL Terms
      5. Learn JMP Tips and Tricks
      6. Tooltips
      7. Access Resources on the Web
  6. Performing Univariate Analysis
    1. Overview of the Distribution Platform
    2. Example of the Distribution Platform
    3. Launch the Distribution Platform
    4. The Distribution Report
      1. Histograms
      2. The Frequencies Report
      3. The Quantiles Report
      4. The Summary Statistics Report
    5. Distribution Platform Options
    6. Options for Categorical Variables
    7. Options for Continuous Variables
      1. Normal Quantile Plot
      2. Outlier Box Plot
      3. Quantile Box Plot
      4. Stem and Leaf
      5. CDF Plot
      6. Test Mean
      7. Test Std Dev
      8. Confidence Intervals for Continuous Variables
      9. Save Commands for Continuous Variables
      10. Prediction Intervals
      11. Tolerance Intervals
      12. Capability Analysis
    8. Fit Distributions
    9. Additional Examples of the Distribution Platform
    10. Statistical Details for the Distribution Platform
  7. Introduction to the Fit Y by X Platform
    1. Overview of the Fit Y by X Platform
    2. Launch the Fit Y by X Platform
      1. Launch Specific Analyses from the JMP Starter Window
  8. Performing Bivariate Analysis
    1. Example of Bivariate Analysis
    2. Launch the Bivariate Platform
    3. The Bivariate Plot
    4. Fitting Commands and General Options
    5. Fit Mean
    6. Fit Line and Fit Polynomial
    7. Fit Special
    8. Fit Spline
    9. Kernel Smoother
    10. Fit Each Value
    11. Fit Orthogonal
    12. Density Ellipse
    13. Nonpar Density
    14. Histogram Borders
    15. Group By
    16. Fitting Menus
    17. Additional Examples of the Bivariate Platform
    18. Statistical Details for the Bivariate Platform
  9. Performing Oneway Analysis
    1. Overview of Oneway Analysis
    2. Example of Oneway Analysis
    3. Launch the Oneway Platform
    4. The Oneway Plot
    5. Oneway Platform Options
    6. Quantiles
    7. Means/Anova and Means/Anova/Pooled t
    8. Analysis of Means Methods
    9. Compare Means
    10. Nonparametric
    11. Unequal Variances
    12. Equivalence Test
    13. Power
    14. Normal Quantile Plot
    15. CDF Plot
    16. Densities
    17. Matching Column
    18. Additional Examples of the Oneway Platform
    19. Statistical Details for the Oneway Platform
  10. Performing Contingency Analysis
    1. Example of Contingency Analysis
    2. Launch the Contingency Platform
    3. The Contingency Report
    4. Contingency Platform Options
    5. Mosaic Plot
    6. Contingency Table
    7. Tests
    8. Analysis of Means for Proportions
    9. Correspondence Analysis
    10. Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test
    11. Agreement Statistic
    12. Relative Risk
    13. Two Sample Test for Proportions
    14. Measures of Association
    15. Cochran Armitage Trend Test
    16. Exact Test
    17. Additional Examples of the Contingency Platform
    18. Statistical Details for the Contingency Platform
  11. Performing Simple Logistic Regression
    1. Overview of Logistic Regression
      1. Nominal Logistic Regression
      2. Ordinal Logistic Regression
    2. Example of Nominal Logistic Regression
    3. Launch the Logistic Platform
    4. The Logistic Report
      1. Logistic Plot
      2. Iterations
      3. Whole Model Test
      4. Parameter Estimates
    5. Logistic Platform Options
      1. ROC Curves
      2. Save Probability Formula
      3. Inverse Prediction
    6. Additional Examples of Logistic Regression
      1. Example of Ordinal Logistic Regression
      2. Additional Example of a Logistic Plot
      3. Example of ROC Curves
      4. Example of Inverse Prediction Using the Crosshair Tool
      5. Example of Inverse Prediction Using the Inverse Prediction Option
    7. Statistical Details for the Logistic Platform
      1. Statistical Details for the Whole Model Test Report
  12. Comparing Paired Data
    1. Overview of the Matched Pairs Platform
    2. Example of Comparing Matched Pairs
    3. Launch the Matched Pairs Platform
      1. Multiple Y Columns
    4. The Matched Pairs Report
      1. Difference Plot and Report
      2. Across Groups
    5. Matched Pairs Platform Options
    6. Example Comparing Matched Pairs across Groups
    7. Statistical Details for the Matched Pairs Platform
      1. Graphics for Matched Pairs
      2. Correlation of Responses
  13. Bootstrapping
    1. Example of Bootstrapping
    2. Perform a Bootstrap Analysis
    3. Bootstrap Window Options
    4. Stacked Results Table
    5. Unstacked Results Table
    6. Analysis of Bootstrap Results
  14. Interactive Data Visualization
    1. Overview of Graph Builder
    2. Example Using Graph Builder
    3. Launch Graph Builder
      1. The Graph Area and Zones
      2. Element Type Icons
    4. Graph Builder Options
    5. Add Variables
      1. Move Grouping Variable Labels
      2. Separate Variables into Groups
    6. Change Variable Roles
    7. Remove Variables
    8. Add Multiple Variables to the X or Y Zone
    9. Merge Variables
      1. Order Variables
      2. Replace Variables
      3. Create a Second Y Axis
    10. Add Multiple Variables to Grouping Zones
      1. Order Grouping Variables
    11. Modify the Legend
    12. Create Map Shapes
      1. Built-in Map Files
      2. Create Custom Map Files
    13. Additional Examples Using Graph Builder
      1. Examples of Creating Custom Maps
  15. Creating Summary Charts
    1. Example of the Chart Platform
    2. Launch the Chart Platform
      1. Plot Statistics for Y Variables
      2. Use Categorical Variables
      3. Use Grouping Variables
      4. Adding Error Bars
    3. The Chart Report
      1. Legends
      2. Ordering
      3. Coloring Bars in a Chart
    4. Chart Platform Options
      1. General Platform Options
      2. Y Options
    5. Additional Examples of the Chart Platform
      1. Example Using Two Grouping Variables
      2. Example Using Two Grouping Variables and Two Category Variables
      3. Plot a Single Statistic
      4. Plot Multiple Statistics
      5. Plot Counts of Variable Levels
      6. Plot Multiple Statistics with Two X Variables
      7. Create a Stacked Bar Chart
      8. Create a Pie Chart
      9. Create a Range Chart
      10. Create a Chart with Ranges and Lines for Statistics
  16. Creating Overlay Plots
    1. Example of an Overlay Plot
    2. Launch the Overlay Plot Platform
    3. The Overlay Plot
    4. Overlay Plot Options
      1. General Platform Options
      2. Y Options
    5. Additional Examples of the Overlay Plot Platform
      1. Function Plots
      2. Plotting Two or More Variables with a Second Y-axis
      3. Grouping Variables
  17. Creating Three-Dimensional Scatterplots
    1. Example of a 3D Scatterplot
    2. Launch the Scatterplot 3D Platform
    3. The Scatterplot 3D Report
      1. Spin the 3D Scatterplot
      2. Change Variables on the Axes
      3. Adjust the Axes
      4. Assign Colors and Markers to Data Points
      5. Assign Colors and Markers in the Data Table
    4. Scatterplot 3D Platform Options
      1. Normal Contour Ellipsoids
      2. Nonparametric Density Contours
      3. Context Menu
    5. Additional Examples of the Scatterplot 3D Platform
      1. Example of an Ungrouped Normal Contour Ellipsoid
      2. Example of Grouped Normal Contour Ellipsoids
      3. Example of a Grouped Nonparametric Density Contour
  18. Creating Contour Plots
    1. Example of a Contour Plot
    2. Launch the Contour Plot Platform
    3. The Contour Plot
    4. Contour Plot Platform Options
      1. Fill Areas
      2. Contour Specification
      3. Contour Plot Save Options
      4. Use Formulas for Specifying Contours
  19. Creating Bubble Plots
    1. Example of a Dynamic Bubble Plot
    2. Launch the Bubble Plot Platform
      1. Specifying Two ID Variables
      2. Specifying a Time Variable
    3. Interact with the Bubble Plot
      1. Control Animation for Dynamic Bubble Plots
      2. Select Bubbles
      3. Use the Brush Tool
    4. Bubble Plot Platform Options
      1. Show Roles
    5. Additional Examples of the Bubble Plot Platform
      1. Example of Specifying Only a Time Variable
      2. Example of Specifying Only ID Variables and Splitting a Bubble
      3. Example of a Static Bubble Plot
      4. Example of a Bubble Plot with a Categorical Y Variable
  20. Creating Maps
    1. Overview of Mapping
    2. Example of Creating A Map in Graph Builder
    3. Graph Builder
      1. Map Shape
      2. Color
      3. Size
      4. Built-in Map Files
      5. Custom Map Files
    4. Background Maps
      1. Images
      2. Boundaries
      3. JSL Scripting
    5. Examples of Creating Maps
      1. Louisiana Parishes Example
      2. Hurricane Tracking Examples
      3. Office Temperature Study
  21. Creating Parallel Plots
    1. Example of a Parallel Plot
    2. Launch the Parallel Plot Platform
    3. The Parallel Plot
      1. Interpreting Parallel Plots
    4. Parallel Plot Platform Options
    5. Additional Examples of the Parallel Plot Platform
      1. Examine Iris Measurements
      2. Examine Student Measurements
  22. Creating Cell Plots
    1. Example of a Cell Plot
    2. Launch the Cell Plot Platform
    3. The Cell Plot
    4. Cell Plot Platform Options
      1. Context Menu for Cell Plots
    5. Additional Example of the Cell Plot Platform
  23. Creating Tree Maps
    1. Example of Tree Maps
    2. Launch the Tree Map Platform
      1. Sizes
      2. Categories
      3. Ordering
      4. Coloring
    3. The Tree Map Window
    4. Tree Map Platform Options
      1. Context Menu
    5. Additional Examples of the Tree Map Platform
      1. Example Using a Sizes Variable
      2. Example Using an Ordering Variable
      3. Example Using Two Ordering Variables
      4. Example of a Continuous Coloring Variable
      5. Example of a Categorical Coloring Variable
      6. Examine Pollution Levels
      7. Examine Causes of Failure
      8. Examine Patterns in Car Safety
  24. Creating Scatterplot Matrices
    1. Example of a Scatterplot Matrix
    2. Launch the Scatterplot Matrix Platform
      1. Change the Matrix Format
    3. The Scatterplot Matrix Window
    4. Scatterplot Matrix Platform Options
    5. Example Using a Grouping Variable
      1. Create a Grouping Variable
  25. Creating Ternary Plots
    1. Example of a Ternary Plot
    2. Launch the Ternary Plot Platform
    3. The Ternary Plot
      1. Mixtures and Constraints
    4. Ternary Plot Platform Options
    5. Additional Examples of the Ternary Plot Platform
      1. Example Using Mixture Constraints
      2. Example Using a Contour Function
  26. References
  27. Index