Adding Scripts to Graphs
If you context-click (right-mouse-button) on the graphics frame, you can enter or paste JSL commands. The script usually contains drawing commands that run in the context of the graphics frame. For example:
1. Open the Big data table.
2. Select Analyze > Fit Y by X.
3. Choose Height for X and Weight for Y, and click OK.
4. Right-click inside the graph.
5. Select Customize from the context menu.
6. Click the plus button to add a new graphics script.
7. Type this text and click OK.
text({55,160},"Hello World");
Now the graph has a text element at the graph’s x-coordinate 55 and y-coordinate 160.
Figure 12.1 Adding a Script to a Graph Interactively
By default, graphics scripts appear on top of the data.

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