Create a Choice Design with No Prior Information
In this example, a coffee shop is interested in making an ideal cup of coffee to satisfy the majority of its customers. The coffee shop can vary each cup of coffee by grind size, temperature, brewing time, and the amount of coffee grinds used (charge). They want to know which factors affect their customers’ preferences. Where should they set each factor to make an ideal cup of coffee?
We can design a simple experiment where we systematically vary each factor for different combinations and ask people which they prefer.
Grind size (medium or coarse)
Temperature (195°, 200°, 205°)
Brewing time (3 minutes, 3.5 minutes, or 4 minutes)
Charge (1.6 grams/ounce, 2 grams/ounce, or 2.4 grams/ounce) ...

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