Example of a Ternary Plot
This example uses the Pogo Jumps.jmp sample data table. The data, adapted from Aitchison (1986), show measurements for pogo jumps of seven finalists in the 1985 Hong Kong Pogo-Jump Championship. A single pogo jump is the total jump distance in three consecutive bounces, referred to as yat, yee, and sam.
1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Pogo Jumps.jmp.
2. From the Graph menu, select Ternary Plot.
3. Select Yat, Yee, and Sam and click X, Plotting.
4. Click OK.
Figure 12.2 Example of a Ternary Plot
Example of a Ternary Plot
Use the crosshairs tool to determine exact coordinates of points within the plot.
Figure 12.3 Using the Crosshairs ...

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