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JMP 13 Profilers

Book Description

JMP 13 Profilers covers the family of interactive profiling tools, which enable you to view cross-sections of any response surface. The book also includes details about plotting points and surfaces in a three-dimensional graph.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Learn about JMP
    1. Documentation and Additional Resources
    2. Formatting Conventions
    3. JMP Documentation
      1. JMP Documentation Library
      2. JMP Help
    4. Additional Resources for Learning JMP
      1. Tutorials
      2. Sample Data Tables
      3. Learn about Statistical and JSL Terms
      4. Learn JMP Tips and Tricks
      5. Tooltips
      6. JMP User Community
      7. JMPer Cable
      8. JMP Books by Users
      9. The JMP Starter Window
    5. Technical Support
  3. Introduction to Profilers
    1. Visualize Response Surfaces and Optimize Processes
    2. Profiler Overview
    3. Introduction to Profiling
      1. Profiler Features in JMP
      2. Profiler Launch Windows
        1. Expand Intermediate Formulas
      3. Fit Group
    4. Interpret the Profiles
      1. The Profiler as a Cross-Section
      2. Set or Lock Factor Values
    5. Profiler Platform Options
    6. Common Profiler Topics
      1. Linear Constraints
        1. Red Triangle Menu Item
        2. Constraint Table Property/Script
      2. Noise Factors
  4. Profiler
    1. Explore Cross Sections of Responses across Each Factor
    2. Example of the Prediction Profiler
    3. Launch the Prediction Profiler Platform
    4. Prediction Profiler Options
    5. Desirability Profiling and Optimization
      1. Construction of Desirability Functions
      2. How to Use the Desirability Function
      3. The Desirability Profile
      4. Customized Desirability Functions
    6. Assess Variable Importance
      1. The Assess Variable Importance Report
      2. Variable Importance Report
    7. Bagging
    8. Additional Examples of the Prediction Profiler
      1. Example of Desirability Profiling for Multiple Responses
      2. Example of a Noise Factor in the Prediction Profiler
      3. Example of Variable Importance for One Response
      4. Example of Variable Importance for Multiple Responses
      5. Example of Bagging to Improve Prediction
        1. Fit Neural Network Model
        2. Perform Bagging
        3. Compare the Predictions
      6. Example of Bagging to Indicate the Accuracy of Predictions
        1. Fit a Generalized Regression Model
        2. Perform Bagging
        3. Prediction for a New Observation
    9. Statistical Details for the Prediction Profiler
      1. Assess Variable Importance
        1. Background
        2. Adjustment for Sampling Variation
        3. Variable Importance Standard Errors
      2. Propagation of Error Bars
  5. Contour Profiler
    1. Explore Contours of Responses across Two Factors
    2. Contour Profiler Overview
    3. Example of the Contour Profiler
    4. Launch the Contour Profiler Platform
    5. The Contour Profiler Report
      1. Factor Settings and Controls
      2. Response Settings and Controls
    6. Contour Profiler Platform Options
    7. Constraint Shading Settings
  6. Surface Plot
    1. Explore Contours of Responses across Three Factors
    2. Surface Plot Overview
    3. Example of the Surface Plot Platform
    4. Launch the Surface Plot Platform
      1. Plot a Single Mathematical Function
      2. Plot Points Only
      3. Plot a Formula from a Column
      4. Isosurfaces
    5. The Surface Plot Report
    6. Surface Plot Platform Options
      1. Appearance Controls
        1. Surface Profiler Appearance Controls in Other Platforms
      2. Independent Variables
      3. Dependent Variables
        1. Controls for Sheet and Points
        2. Controls for Isosurface
        3. Dependent Variable Options
    7. Surface Plot Controls and Settings
      1. Rotate
      2. Axis Settings
      3. Lights
      4. Sheet or Surface Properties
      5. Other Properties and Commands
    8. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Mixture Profiler
    1. Explore Factor Effects Using Ternary Plots
    2. Mixture Profiler Overview
    3. Example of the Mixture Profiler
    4. Launch the Mixture Profiler Platform
    5. The Mixture Profiler Report
      1. Factor Settings and Controls
      2. Response Settings and Controls
    6. Explanation of Ternary Plot Axes
      1. More Than Three Mixture Factors
    7. Mixture Profiler Platform Options
      1. Customizations for the Mixture Profiler
    8. Linear Constraints
    9. Additional Examples of the Mixture Profiler Platform
      1. Single Response
      2. Multiple Responses
  8. Custom Profiler
    1. Explore Response Surfaces Using a Numerical Calculator
    2. Custom Profiler Overview
    3. Example of the Custom Profiler
    4. Launch the Custom Profiler Platform
    5. The Custom Profiler Report
      1. Factor Settings and Controls
      2. Response Settings and Controls
      3. Optimization Settings and Controls
    6. Custom Profiler Platform Options
  9. Simulator
    1. Explore the Effects of Variation on Responses
    2. Simulator Overview
    3. Example of the Simulator
    4. Specify Factors
    5. Simulator Report Options
      1. Responses Report Options
      2. Simulate to Table Report Options
        1. Sequencing Report Options
      3. Spec Limits Report Options
    6. Specification Limits
      1. Simulate General Formulas
    7. Defect Profiler
      1. About Tolerance Design
      2. Graph Scale
      3. Expected Defects
      4. Simulation Method and Details
      5. Notes
    8. Simulation Experiment
    9. Additional Examples of the Simulator
      1. Example of the Defect Profiler
      2. Example of Stochastic Optimization
    10. Statistical Details for the Simulator
      1. Normal Weighted Distribution
  10. Excel Profiler
    1. Visualize Models Saved in Microsoft Excel
    2. Excel Profiler Overview
    3. Example of an Excel Model
    4. Run the JMP Profiler
    5. Use Linear Constraints
    6. Resolution of Profile Lines
    7. Use the Excel Profiler from JMP
  11. References
  12. Index
    1. Profilers