3Technical Details and Practical Implementation

The technical details in this chapter may be skipped by the casual reader or persons not interested in thinking about the background or foundational basis of the JMP® CONNECTIVITY solution. This section assumes the reader has a good grounding in the principles of information management systems or computer science with respect to systems analysis and design. The Harlan D. Mills Collection as hosted by the Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange (TRACE) at The University of Tennessee libraries at Knoxville are recommended reading and reference material for the software engineering student or professional practitioner. The expressiveness of Mills' work conceptually and mathematically for explaining or proving a design by his analysis techniques is truly complete.

The popular press and the wave of marketing typical in recent years promoting business intelligence solutions is almost incomprehensible. The flashy show-and-tell nature of dashboards and fashionable delivery systems yields little knowledge about how those items are generated. In the industry BI tools are known as dashboards, balanced scorecards, query and analysis, transformation, charting, data accessibility, and reporting. The front end sells; the details to generate metrics are just the magic that ...

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