Chapter 7. Sharing Graphs

  • 7.1 Presenting Graphs Effectively

  • 7.2 Customizing Graphs for Presentation

  • 7.3 Placing Graphs into PowerPoint or Word

  • 7.4 Creating and Sharing Animated Graphs

  • 7.5 Placing Animated Graphs into PowerPoint

  • 7.6 Using the Layout Option to Share Results

  • 7.7 Using Scripts to Save or Share Work

  • 7.8 Summary

This chapter focuses on common ways you can customize and share JMP graphs with others whether you are presenting those findings yourself, placing them in a document, or sending a file. We also provide some advice for effectively doing so.

One of the most important things a JMP user can do is communicate results (data, statistics, and graphs) clearly and accurately. Most people recognize that it can be easy to manipulate the results ...

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