Chapter 2

Tryouts: Getting Past Screening Interviews

In This Chapter

arrow Making the cut when the casting call is a zoo

arrow Calling your screen shots with top tips

arrow Dialing for effective phone screeners

Not understanding how screening practices work in today’s recruiting industry is keeping many good people on the sidelines when jobs are handed out.

Under the watchful eye of James M. Lemke, this guidebook’s technical advisor and headliner in the human resource trenches, this chapter gives you the fundamentals of modern screening practices, to help you survive being “screened out.” (Additionally, see Chapter 5 for the big picture on different types of interviews and how they relate to each other.)

Two Basic Steps in Job Interviewing

Most employers that are large enough to have a human resources department split the hiring function into two steps: screening and selection.

check.png Screening interviews are Step 1 in choosing someone for a job. Designed to narrow the candidate pool for the managers who make the hiring decisions, screening interviews weed out unqualified candidates. If you don’t get past ...

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