Lesson 8Pulling It All Together: Building the Vinyl Record Shop Database

In this code‐along lesson, you will work through the steps to create a database for a Vinyl Record Shop, a small business that specializes in vinyl albums. As you go through each step of creating the database structure, you should save the step to a SQL script. By the end of this lesson, you will have pulled together all the ideas learned to this point, and you will have a script that you can use (and reuse!) to create the Vinyl Record Shop database structure, including all tables and relationships, as defined in an ERD.

As you walk through this project and code along, you will go through the following steps, which align with the objectives:

  • Step 1:Examine the database's structure and organize the tables.
  • Step 2:Create the database.
  • Step 3:Create the primary tables.
  • Step 4:Create the related tables.
  • Step 5:Finalize the script.


Before starting to build any database, you should go through the steps to normalize the structure and create an ERD or a list of tables ...

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