Chapter 18

Remember Ten Social Forget-Me-Not Tips

In This Chapter

arrow Being smart about what you reveal through social media

arrow Reviewing key tips for success in new ways to nail jobs

arrow Matching social media to the type of job you seek

A dictionary definition explains social media as “forms of electronic communication, such as websites for social networking and microblogging, through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, videos, and other content.” That’s a mouthful!

The formal explanation isn’t always crystal clear for newcomers to the social concept — which we all were not so long ago. If you’re finding the idea a bit murky, back up to Chapter 8 for additional illumination about social media and social networking.

Job hunters who like getting to the point immediately may prefer the following shortcut to decipher the social concept. (This shortcut is available in a number of versions on the Internet, but its origin is unknown.) Presented here in good fun, this rendition pairs each of seven social media websites with the stereotype of the purpose the site supposedly serves. Smile awhile:

Facebook: I like donuts.

Twitter: I’m eating a donut. ...

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