Chapter 19

Top Ten Google Tips forJackpot Job Search

In This Chapter

arrow Googling surprising ways to find and win prize jobs

arrow Making sure you’re a winner when employers Google you

arrow Working with Google to avoid missing out on hidden jobs

In this fast-paced, digital-everything world, job hunting has become a different pursuit than it was a short dozen years ago. No technology better illustrates the dramatic shift than the search engine Google, with all its services that the vast majority of job seekers don’t know about. Here’s your chance to gain a “secret” advantage to become what you want to be: employed.

Welcome to the Wide World of Google

Google is technology with arms that spider into almost every realm of job search, from standard search function and subject alerts, to job finding and reputation monitoring.

The Google wealth of free services to all who are chasing a new job is so extensive that expert Susan P. Joyce has prepared the following primer to show you how to max out opportunities that have eluded you. She's the chief executive officer of NETability, Inc., and of the websites and Here are her ten high-performance Google tips.

Learn Google ...

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