Chapter 5

Crafting Keywords, Value Statements, and More

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how a little keyword research can make you easier to find online

arrow Creating a consistent value statement that tells others all about you

arrow Translating your value statement into a professional social media presence

Social networking is just like normal networking except it’s done online. At a networking event, you may be asked, “Tell me about yourself.” If your 30-second elevator pitch about what makes you so great sparks the listener’s interest, chances are you have yourself a nice conversation. As a job seeker, the goal of a consistent and compelling social media presence is to secure the interest of a hiring manager.

In this chapter, I help you figure out how to spark a hiring manager’s interest so that you stand out from everyone else. I show you how to get noticed by search engines via killer keywords, put together a value statement that’s social media friendly, and translate that message into a brand image that can be easily repeated throughout the Internet.

Conducting Keyword Research to Capture Attention

When you write online, you’re not just writing for people; you’re also writing for robots. ...

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