Chapter 8

Updating Your Résumé for an Online Audience

In This Chapter

arrow Fitting a traditional résumé into a modern job search

arrow Transferring your paper résumé to an online version

arrow Making an attractive résumé that’s custom fit to you

arrow Accommodating employer requests for a basic version

arrow Using and writing recommendations

When most people start a job search, they exclaim with some anticipation, “Now I have to update my résumé!” Although a traditional, hard-copy résumé was the pivotal part of a job search in the past, today a truly successful job seeker may never actually need one.

This chapter examines the way HR departments and hiring managers use résumés today. By understanding the function of a résumé, you can break free of the limitations it imposes on you. This chapter also shows you how to transform yesterday’s paper résumé into a modern, web-based version with greater impact on your personal brand. Finally, you discover how obtaining and writing recommendations works in the social ...

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