Chapter 12

Uncovering the Hidden Job Market with Twitter

In This Chapter

arrow Demystifying Twitter for the job seeker

arrow Setting up a polished Twitter profile

arrow Using Twitter to grow your professional network

arrow Taking advantage of tools that make Twitter even more fun

What started as a joke among college dropouts at a failing startup has turned into one of the most influential technologies in the social media revolution. Twitter offers a forum for short messaging (all messages are 140 characters or fewer) among any of its members, from CEOs to mailroom clerks. This hierarchical flattening and instant communication make Twitter the most useful — albeit the most misunderstood — tool for a job seeker.

In this chapter, I demystify Twitter for you and explain why adding it to your job search doubles your effectiveness as a networker. I also cover important etiquette topics so you can rest easy knowing you look good to everyone in the Twitterverse. Finally, I introduce you to some nifty tools you can use to speed up and organize what may become an overload of both information and opportunities.

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