Chapter 19

Ten Ways the Job Search Has Evolved in the 21st Century

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the shift from paper-based résumés to online content and relationships

arrow Realizing the importance of an online reputation and what you can do for your target company

In this chapter, I guide you through some of the major differences between today’s job search (yes, today as in right now) and job searches of the past. The rules have changed a lot in the past ten years, so don’t rely on what worked for you earlier in your career or the tips your old dad gave you.

The First Page of Google Has Become Your New Résumé

Recruiters are now using Google searches to find talent instead of paying for job-board or talent databases like they used to. In fact, many companies even mandate that every new applicant go through a Google screening process. So that means that the first page of your Google search results matter much more than they ever did before. The problem is that, unlike a standard background check, what Google delivers on a name search isn’t regulated and is very difficult for the user to control. Furthermore, Google’s search algorithm changes several times a year, so it’s difficult to know what will show up.

So what can you do about this situation? First, become a publisher of your own ...

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