Excel is a very popular program. Millions of people throughout the world use it on a regular basis. But it's a safe bet that the vast majority of users have yet to discover some of the amazing things this product can do. If I've done my job, you'll find enough useful information in this book to help you use Excel on a new level.

This is the third edition of this book, and I added many new tips and beefed up many of the old tips based on feedback from readers of the previous editions.

What You Should Know

This book isn't a beginner's guide to Excel. Rather, it's a book for those who already use Excel but realize that they have a lot more to learn. This book is filled with tips and tricks that I've learned over the years, and I'm certain that about 99 percent of all Excel users will find something new and useful in these pages.

If you have absolutely no experience with Excel, this book might not be the best choice for you. To get the most out of this book, you should have some background in using Excel. Specifically, I assume that you know how to accomplish the following tasks with Excel:

  • Create workbooks, insert worksheets, save files, and perform other basic tasks.

  • Navigate through a workbook.

  • Use the Excel Ribbon and dialog boxes.

  • Use basic Windows features, such as file management and copy-and-paste techniques.

What You Should Have

To use this book, you need a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows. If you use an older version of Excel, you should get one of the previous ...

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