Jolt 5Dare yourself to fail

‘Oooh, not too much … no, not like that … this way … careful not to drop it … make sure we don’t lose this one … that will cost you your job if you get it wrong … that’s too risky so better play it safe … make sure you don’t forget to tell him … but what if I forget the words … and if the music doesn’t play, I’ll look really silly …’.

Convincing ourselves and others that it is best to get it right each time will come at the ultimate price: a lack of daring, stifled creativity and the delivery of something mindnumbingly ordinary!

‘Failure is good. Big failure is better. Big, ignominious failure in front of a lot of people is the best.’

Erik Kessels

I love that quote! I am sure that it may well send a few shudders ...

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