The final Jolt: Spend your power wisely

I have a gift for you. I would like you to have £100. I know, I’m just a generous kind of guy.

Five fresh and crisp £20 notes. Here you go …

  • So, what will you do with it?
  • Buy some champagne?
  • Put it towards your electricity and gas bills?
  • Have a massage?
  • Take your family for a KFC family bucket?
  • Buy additional copies of Jolt and give them away as Christmas presents?
  • Put it into a savings account?
  • Buy lottery tickets?
  • Donate it to charity?
  • Invest it in shares?
  • Put it towards the weekly shop?
  • Burn it?

Seriously, take a moment to think how you would get greatest value from it …

It’s funny the responses people have when this question is focused on money. People often take great care in considering their ...

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