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Joomla!® 24-Hour Trainer

Video Description

This ebook does not include access to the companion materials.

Build a complete, functional, and useful Joomla! Web site with this book tutorial

As one of the most downloaded open source content management systems on the market today, Joomla! allows you to build functional, interactive Web sites without having to know PHP or MySQL. With this unique book, you'll get up to speed with Joomla! and learn to build a complete Web site—all at your own pace. Along with detailed guidance and an abundance of screen shots, this unique book clearly demonstrates every step of the process for using Joomla! when creating a Web site.

  • Offers a unique book to walk you through using Joomla! to create a Web site

  • Describes programming considerations for you to keep in mind and poses questions to ask yourself when creating a site with Joomla!

  • Presents both written and visual assistance for building a complete Web site from start to finish

  • Use this soup-to-nuts book as a detailed resource for building Web sites with Joomla!

    Visit the companion site at http://www.joomla24hourtrainer.com/for sample chapters, videos, and other resources.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Understanding Joomla! 00:01:01
    2. Chapter 4: Installing Joomla! 00:05:46
    3. Chapter 5: A Tour of the Joomla! Administrator Interface 00:05:11
    4. Chapter 6: Defining Section and Category Structure 00:05:20
    5. Chapter 7: Creating, Editing, and Deleting Sections 00:04:57
    6. Chapter 8: Creating, Editing, and Deleting Categories 00:03:12
    7. Chapter 9: Creating, Editing, and Deleting Articles 00:06:49
    8. Chapter 10: Adding Articles to the Home Page 00:08:12
    9. Chapter 11: Using Advanced Article Options 00:13:34
    10. Chapter 12: Including Media in Articles 00:07:06
    11. Chapter 13: Linking Articles to the Menu 00:09:08
    12. Chapter 14: Using Advanced Menu Options: Articles 00:07:36
    13. Chapter 15: Using Advanced Menu Options: Creating New Menus 00:06:30
    14. Chapter 16: Using Advanced Menu Options: Wrappers and External Links 00:05:16
    15. Chapter 17: Choosing and Installing Templates 00:11:09
    16. Chapter 18: Configuring Breadcrumbs 00:04:34
    17. Chapter 19: Configuring Latest News and Newsflash 00:06:57
    18. Chapter 20: Configuring Random Images 00:04:04
    19. Chapter 21: Configuring Search 00:03:50
    20. Chapter 22: The Custom HTML Module and Its Uses 00:06:14
    21. Chapter 23: Embedding Modules in Articles 00:03:00
    22. Chapter 24: Configuring Contacts 00:08:16
    23. Chapter 25: Configuring Weblinks 00:05:55
    24. Chapter 26: Adding Extensions to Joomla! 00:07:50
    25. Chapter 27: Changing the Editor in Joomla! to JCE 00:06:37
    26. Chapter 28: Installing and Configuring Akeeba Backup 00:07:08
    27. Chapter 29: Installing and Configuring JEvents 00:08:32
    28. Chapter 30: Installing and Configuring Simple Image Gallery 00:06:29
    29. Chapter 31: Creating and Editing Users 00:04:31
    30. Chapter 32: Creating a Password Protected Portion of the Website 00:07:38
    31. Chapter 33: Maximizing Search Engine Optimization for Your Site 00:10:11
    32. Chapter 34: Managing Backups, Maintenance, and Other Administrative Functions 00:04:56